Umbrella company solutions for IT Contractors

If you run your own limited company, you'll know how hard it can be to keep up with the administration and paperwork it requires. Working with us means that not only will you make huge savings on your take home pay, you'll also find working with us a lot easier than working through many alternative Umbrella Companies. We've been providing umbrella company solutions to IT contractors since the early 90's. We bring our vast experience and employ the best legal counsel to bear on the complex tax issues that help us provide a sound facility to enhance your take home pay.
Williams Gordon Ltd. is a UK registered company.

Take home more of your pay.

By using our services you could increase the amount you take home.

Limited Company?

We can now also work with your VAT registered limited company. Contact us for more details! Phone: 01784 618944

Our Experts

We offer you our skills at helping you keep more of the money you earn. We will recommend the most suitable programme for your own individual needs.


We aim to provide you with a flexible solution that enables you concentrate on what you do best.

We Understand You

We understand your concerns about staying in control of your finances and the need to have freedom to carry out your business.

Why you will love to work with us.

We combine low fees, with long established reputable tax planning, coupled with a generous expenses policy to allow you to retain more of your gross contract income.

We work with all the major agencies throughout the UK and are familiar with their preferred working practices to ensure swift payment of all accounts.

We are fully aware of all applicable tax legislation and current IR35 policies. We endeavour ensure that you remain tax compliant for the duration of your contract.

We have a team of experienced, knowledgeable and friendly advisors available to answer your questions and offer you guidance.

Employee liability, public liability and
professional indemnity insurances are included.